Doc: A Birmingham Jazz Man

Now available from the University of Alabama Press: Doc: The Story of a Birmingham Jazz Man, by Frank “Doc” Adams and Burgin Mathews.

“Doc” is the oral autobiography of jazz elder statesman Frank “Doc” Adams, highlighting his role in Birmingham, Alabama’s, historic jazz scene and tracing a personal adventure that parallels, in many ways, the story and spirit of jazz itself.

“Frank Adams’s account of his life as a musician in Birmingham is fascinating on its own, with his rich stories of life on the road, the bands of Duke Ellington and Sun Ra, and the fabled music teacher Fess Whatley. But his memories of the development of the city’s culture, the role of African American educational institutions, life under segregation, and the struggle for civil rights give this fine book an epic feel, and show us sides of Birmingham that historians have missed.”

— John Szwed, author of Alan Lomax: The Man Who Recorded the World and Space Is the Place: The Lives and Times of Sun Ra

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Doc Adams on The Lost Child: Burgin interviews Doc for “The Lost Child” radio show, 10/13/12.  1 hour.  (For more on “The Lost Child,” visit us here.)

Listen to Doc Adams discuss his experiences with Sun Ra, in this Lady Muleskinner article.


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